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Tay bơm lốp xe HAZET 9041

Manual tyre inflator for precise tyre filling and checking the air pressure. Special rubber sheath protects manometer against minor knocks. Hose with clip-on air chuck. Handle with integrated suspension device.

479926.0100: Uncalibrated
479926.0200: Calibrated

Delivery includes connector plug NW 7.2

Tags: 90411, 9041g1


Made in Germany

Mã & tên hàng Khoảng đo (bar)Cút nối khíVersion Đơn giá (vnđ) Số lượng Đặt, Gom hàng Tình trạng hàng
0...121/4 inchUncalibrated
0...101/4 inchCalibrated