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Máy khoan & phay đa năng PROMAC

With rugged coordinate T-slot table, 24-volt controller and motor circuit breaker. 2-speed direct current motor, clockwise/anticlockwise operation, emergency stop switch, fused chip guard, integrated coolant system, with machine base and chip tray.

483620.0150 FX-383Vcontinuously variable speed adjustment using frequency converter, drill head adjustable with rack and pinion
483620.0200 FX-388Dwith 6-stage gearbox, drill head adjustable via swallowtail pillar and can be swivelled 45°to the left and right, with threading unit

Appropriate accessories:
154410 Twist drill assortment FUTURO
239710 Cone cleaner
241000 Keyless drill chuck ALBRECHT
241080 Keyless drill chuck RÖHM Spiro
241120 Keyless drill chuck RÖHM Supra
241220 quick-action drill chuck RÖHM Supra-SK
242500 Insert cone
242640 Ejector wedge
242660 Ejector wedge
310100 V-jaw drilling machine vice FUTURO


Made in Switzerland

Mã & tên hàng Điện áp (V)Công suất (kW)Khoan max (mm)Taro max (mm) Đơn giá (vnđ) Số lượng Đặt, Gom hàng Tình trạng hàng
400V / 3 phase1.532-
400V / 3 phase1.532-